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Gaining a Testimony!

Job 23:10 But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

As human beings patterns are apart of our everyday lives. These patterns often form our daily routines. If we take it a step further our patterns and routines often drive our expectations. For example, work every day and expect to receive a paycheck. We expect the routines of our lives to match our expectations.

What happens when they don't match up? What happens when you cannot control the out come of what happens or when your exceptions are not met. As a child of God how do you handle it. Do you pitch a fit, do you go into complain mode.

Job who was an upright man and hated evil. Job was a praying man, he would go and offer sacrifices for his kids on their behalf to cover them. So based on his routine one may expect for him to have good results all the time.

Job woke up one day to find trouble at his door. What do you do when trouble comes knocking at your door. What do you do when you are not able to find God or find an easy way out. One thing you need to know according Job 23:10, God know where you are! He knows every thing you are going through. Once you come through you will come through as Gold. You will come out with a testimony.

During difficult times continue in prayer. Continue trusting in the word of God. No matter how hard it seems don't stop trusting in God! If you want the testimony of coming out as Gold-you cannot quit!

Pray this Prayer God I thank you for this day. God I come to you asking you to strengthen me in my weak places. Teach me how to trust you more and not give up. God when I don't understand what is going on help me trust you. Help me endure the hard times. If I endure I know I will come out with a testimony and a closer walk with thee.


Be Blessed!

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